Ribbon Cutting

$125 or Complimentary with a two-year membership commitment.

A Ribbon Cutting is a special ceremony celebrating a new, renovated or relocated a business. This is an ideal opportunity to introduce your business to the Chamber members and the general public. Business owners are encouraged to invite business partners, customers, friends, and family to attend the ceremony. City Officials are always invited to attend.

Preferable times for Ribbon cuttings are Tuesdays at 5:30 pm. Events are scheduled based upon availability.

The Chamber will promote the Ribbon Cutting ceremony on the Chamber website and through social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc). It is strongly encouraged that business owners promote their own event, as well.

The Chamber will provide ribbon and giant scissors. Photos will be submitted to local papers and magazines. Publication is entirely at their discretion. Business owners are encouraged to say a few remarks to those gathered.

Business owners are encouraged to provide food and beverages for attendees. The Chamber can provide a list of members who cater and are familiar with ribbon cutting ceremonies.

The Chamber will contact City Hall and inform the Mayor, Vice Mayor and the City Commissioners of your scheduled Ribbon Cutting. Their attendance is not guaranteed and is subject to their availability.

For any questions concerning ribbon cutting ceremonies, please contact:
Corlette DeVeaux at contact@ajhss.com